Epochlypse The Sage

Influ(h)ence Ill The Syllable Dissector

Sam I Am The Maxi-Man

Allink impassing, The Mad Magician

Son of the 021, The Ronin Reflector Agent


Cape Town

Record Label



On a journey for ego death traversing the depths of space time with rhymes to open a portal in your mind to the divine


Formed mid 2008 from a band of brothers
We decided to stop stealing all the madness in Hip Hop and spreading the word like corruption in power structures.We were where lucky to start off in a studio (Thanks to Nikesh, Nelly Boy Records producer). The magnetism and intuitive fit was only explainable by the force that guides us all. Our passion and unique appreciation for Hip Hop left us with our first (incomplete) mix tape, Expressions of Naught. Once we were gated from studio access, we decided to take the Madness to our place of space. Project Side Project is the current Project soon to be Projected on the maddest of masses. This is when Ant1 stepped up to the metal mental plate. Still in the process of recording some antically disposed feces!!!Expressions of Naught stars the hot production talents…Hipe, Kaizer Thief, Mr.V, Zee Murda and Some of our own madness in the beats side.

General Manager

The Universal Conciousness

Artists We Also Like

Wu Tang Clan, Killah Priest, Jedi Mind Tricks, Gravediggaz, Can-i-Bus, Rage Against the Machine, Bobby Digital aka The Rza aka RZAREKTA, GZA Genius, Masta Killah, U-God, Army of The Pharoahs, Esoteric, Apathy, R.A the Rugged Man, Ras Kass, Metallica, ,MF Doom, Isaac Mutant, DVS, P.O.C


The Madness under the flat mountain…
The Madness in an ant’s reproductive system…
The Madness in a disco under a flickering street lamp…
The Madness in a super Zuma Shower…
The Madness of Earth being a dot on the universal page…
The Madness of each person’s essence…
The Madness upon the track causes whiplash….
The Universal Madness of each other
The Madness in The Madness!!!!
The Madness we’ve become

Band Interests

Experi-peri-mental, Original Madness, Hip Hop, thought provoking conversations, rhymes, wordplay, lyrical content, beat construction, Surgical ear wax removal, Tekken (yes we have shaolin style fingers), and Freewill Domination.

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