The Seventh Dimensional Seal (Free Album Download)


Download our Album for free here now.

Defi(G)nition – 7th Dimensional Seal.rar (132.6 MB)
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Find your inner (G)

We have been working on this project for 2 years. A constant battle to improve and the journey has been beautiful. We have discovered that in this society, the system will never be more than your day job. It is okay. This is our expression of that place beyond the illusion, when we break through to the seventh dimension.

The (G) represents our inner God, the infinite consciousness that resides within us all, The (G) is also the 7th letter of the alphabet, it represents the 7th rank, it is the 7th dimension, which is the plane of pure creativity. The Seventh Dimensional Seal, is a series of techniques, that allow us to move past our illusion we call reality and into a world of mystery and wonder. Amalgamate Chaos and move past the Sinister Turnstile, then receive the Cosmic Revelation, the seed is thus planted by Inception and the idea illustrates to us clearly the Sign’s of Man’s Demise, we realize that truly Nobody Knows and nobody can know, this leads us to Sporadic Combustion of the soul, where our (G) is released in a random motion of inward implosion first and then outwardly seen as an explosion. We come to see the system as designed, designed to nurture and create Regular City Slaves, those beings who dwell in the Nether Realm, gripped by fear of D.E.A.T.H. The Seal is released and we become insane. We are The Madness. We become Repeat Offenders against the tyranny of control and embrace our madness. The negative then repeatedly offend us and We Storm Hades, with the ancient futuristic technology, telekinesis, astral travel and the like. With the devil defeated we come to see that duality does not exist and we create it all, thus everything is bound by Relativity. It is a bonus to receive the seal and reach the ultimate stage of enlightenment, Mal Naaism. A thoughtless thought we cease to exist except to fulfill our purpose. Our purpose is to spread the madness.
Join us on this journey.

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3 thoughts on “The Seventh Dimensional Seal (Free Album Download)

  1. darrin grey says:

    Their will always be a system. We are systematic beings. We are beings that are forever searching for the ‘unknown’, the escapism route away from the disciplined routine of common habitual etiquette I.e the fantasy of an elaborate real-state. Once we seek out ‘this’ newer truth, we realise we are not happily satisfied, why? We discover elitist groups have already discovered this seemingly new ideal, and we proceed with the common notion of life-we fall in line to an even newer system,ever more searching and struggling in finding newer ways to beat it- fantasize another newer stage of enlightenment.

    • That there will always be a system is a belief.
      Whether this belief is valid I leave to you to decide.
      If you mean we will always be constricted by the systems of our thoughts, then all we suggest for ourselves is to constantly allow those thoughts to pass through us and by doing so allow an ever increasing consciousness to accept that it has no limitations.

      Much love Mr. Grey

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