Ego verses Soul – Duality in A Singular Point

Ego vs Soul – The Obvious Battle Manifested… As One

The world really calls on your ego self doesn’t it. With the pressures we face as humans, how do we avoid all that makes us ego mind. Maybe it’s just me, or is our programming really that fucked up that finding the Soul self is a daily battle.

This is in line I guess with the Law of Duality, but the Soul self, from what I feel, transcends what we experience in terms of this or that, right or left, up or down. The fact that someone can say…EGO = ME, SOUL = WE, means that in this comparison we see below, Soul would form part of this construct since it has a yang to compare it to.

Ego verses Soul. Ego, a low vibrational state of mind, compared to Soul, a high vibrational state of spirit. ME vs WE, Seperation vs Unity, Blame vs Understanding, Materialism vs Spiritualism etc.

Ego verses Soul. Ego, a low vibrational state of mind, compared to Soul, a high vibrational state of spirit.

So is Soul the incorrect word, or is it an unfair comparison? It does’t seem like it, but if the soul self transcends this realm, how can it be defined like this? This does however, reflects the spectrum of our existence. From High (Soul Self) to Low (Ego Self). All these symbols (or words) we see defining the ego and the soul have been felt by us, collectively and individually on different levels. So we have reached the soul, and higher states of existence, and we have lived in ego states of mind.

Enter the Singular Point – Duality As One

So we have ALLL this information, and take it on the journey of life with us. From here to there, to everywhere we go. Everything we experience, once experienced, forms into a compressed experience, time is compressed in this experience of memory as well. And it is what it was. everything we then come across is viewed (and judged conditionally) with this compressed experience.

Perhaps that’s how you actually find the Soul, Oneness, and Unconditional Love. By collecting all this information and then one moment seeing how its all able to be placed in a compressed pee in your mind. This pee holds the darkest times and experiences, and judgements, and everything you the ego self allows to be real, and all the Soul self experience of acceptance and abundance. Whatever’s outside the pee is (from this perspective) the potential pee. it’s like an error variable of infinite proportions. You know there’s more, but don’t know what it is, so you put it in a box with no sides, just to make sense of what you do know.

KNOW THYSELF, use an error variable if necessary.

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