Show No Resistance

Amalgamate Chaos

Boxes and Definitions

Please make sure, all your boxes are checked and in line with the norm

We live in a time where everything is spoon fed. Knowledge is compiled, collated and institutionalized, religion is dogmatic and prescribed and there is a general certainty as to how one should live a “good” and “successful” life. Close on everyone has the same life path mapped out from the day they were born, the details may be different but the outcomes and the amounts of focus are the same. We are born. Go to school. Get a tertiary education. Work, pay taxes and die.
Solitary Confinement

He seeks to know 5, but he is trapped inside.

Somewhere along the line we are told to shut up and comply and somewhere along the line we give in. We stop resisting and deep inside something crawls into the recesses of our minds, a bitter inmate of a self created prison. There it remains whispering in it’s corner like a deranged patient in an insane asylum. We sedate it with the drugs of our choice, our habitual pleasures. Television, bad food, shopping, pharmaceuticals, alcohol and sex. The list goes on and even the most mundane activities can yield some sort of sedating effect on our patient. Yet the mad man does not know he is mad and so his incessant whispers play on, like that tinny background music in the elevator. The one that takes us down to the bottomless depths of hell.

What is this whisper?

Where to Go?

Travel Light on this unknown path

Some days we feel it more than others, the overwhelming feeling that there must be more. The whisper echoes in the silence on those days. It is clearer and we recognize it somewhat. It is ourselves longing for ourselves. It is not hidden, we are just afraid of where we will find it. There, in that place, where there is no certainty, the imaginary line we draw, to the realm of the insane. And so as fear prevails we dismiss it and let the whisper continue, unabated. We know deep down, we could never stop it, unless we gave in. Gave in to it’s cries for freedom, it’s life beyond all of our checklists, boxes and definitions. This whisper is the first evidence of our resistance. Our resistance to who we truly are. It is the whisper that says, start something new, it urges you to sing when your favorite song comes on the radio, laugh that annoying boisterous laugh for the most inane joke and wonder at the possible wonder of adding some wasabi to your ice cream. It is pleading for you to return. To bear witness to your true form and purpose. To rebuke what you know so that your once filled cup may flow with the new. It pleads you to Amalgamate Chaos, burn the idea of what you know so that you may discover and rediscover the truth, as you rise out of the ashes of the old, a metamorphosis.

So to you,
the one who is fearful,
know that in your fear,
you have solace,
for a time
you are safe,
for a time
you are certain,
for a time
you are wrapped up
in cotton pads
wrapped up
in all you may believe you desire
wrapped in earthly trappings
for a day that will never come
for a silence you will never know
and beyond your waiting stands your love
the truth
your purpose
it stands silent
for you to show no resistance.
so to you
you who fear
that which you do not know
to you i say
be brave.

One Love
The Sage


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