Many times we struggle with forgiveness and walk around with the poison chalice of bitterness within our very flesh, it poisons from within. Yet, at the same time we hold the cure. Whether it is forgiveness we seek or forgiveness that is sought from us, withholding it from ourselves or its seeker can be detrimental to our own emotional and spiritual well being. The longer we resist this and withhold someone from accessing their birth right of free living with no emotional bondage, the further we shall allow this poison to plunge our hearts into darkness. It was during my own journey to the light when I was in need of forgiveness when I realised that it was not mine to give from the start and that all I had to do was embrace what was already available to me. Open myself up to receiving what I had already been given by virtue of my existence and the basic laws that rule my time on earth. In the darkness, The Supreme Self spoke to me.

It is not given, it exists
we resist and thus
the largest myth
whose shroud we seek to lift
seeking forgiveness
in the desert as its sands shift
seeking the will o’ the whisp
off the path
in the hidden marsh
Yet like oft is its task
the pain we walk with
is made to melt the mask
So we beseech you learn the art
Turn poisonous hesitance
To heart relief medicines
for eternal spirit youth
You are not searching
but for that which has already found you.
It will never be given
that which can’t be received
neither hidden
nor deceived
but by self
where the sea meets the mighty mountain
between what was and what will be
we find the fountain.

May you all find forgiveness where it has already met you and may you meet it with an open hand to drink from its fountain.

The Sage


Open Hands, Receive Your Blessings

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