10 Signs of a Victim Mentality.

10 Signs of a Victim Mentality

This one is rather simple. To be free, ascending our own limitations is a necessary step on the path to enlightenment and ultimate knowledge of self. The journey cannot bear fruits unless we transcend our current state, for many this means moving past our state of victim-hood. A victim is someone who believes, sincerely, that they are at the bottom end of some personal conspiracy. That the forces of the universe conspires against all their endeavors, ironically, it is this belief that results in the endless gathering of evidence, by the victim, to prove this. Thus, it is often difficult for the victim to see the truth through this clouded paradigm of self deceit and defeat. 

Here are 10 Signs of a Victim Mentality.

May they provide clarity to those under the cloud of the truths worst enemy, self.

1.)  Failure to accept responsibility

– This person will do anything to absolve him/herself from personal responsibility for any aspect of their lives. This results in the following symptom.

2.) The Serial Blamer

– This person absolves themselves from responsibility by apportioning blame to any other party, other than themselves. They usually develop the following skill.

3.) Rationalization

-The victim is adept at drawing creatively from circumstance to apportion blame to external factors. They use all their creative energies to construct a perfect prison for themselves. This construct results in the next symptom.

4.) Feeling Helpless

-If you say something often enough you will start to believe it, victims start believing this fairytale construct that their minds have designed to keep them safe from their own accountability, this results in extreme feelings of helplessness and isolation. This then results in our next symptom.

5. Self Pity

-Victims often feel sorry for themselves, this is a vicious cycle where the serial blamer and rationalizer then begin to feed more self pity by continuing the cycle creating more antagonistic forces that strip choice away. They often resort to:

6. Living in the Past

-A failure to accept responsibility means a failure to accept things as they are in the present. This person will then, either seek solemn in the past, where things were “more simple” or again, resort to blaming the past for the current state of their environment. They tend to:

7. Focus on the Problems

– They occupy themselves with problems and are often the people who complain at any opportunity they get. Victims love attention and validation and will relish any chance to complain about their problems. During this bitch fit they will often say,

8. If only/What if

-This is a sure sign of a victim mentality, they do not accept things and support regrets like a crucifix. They then continue the cycle by,

9. Condemning Themselves

–  Woe is me, I am useless, there are too many forces against me, if only things were easier, just like in the good old days. A summation of a victims thought pattern, cleverly disguised by the rationalizer and the blamer. It will often sound more like this.

“I tried my best, but my best just wasn’t good enough, the wind was blowing in the opposite direction and my piss stream was to weak because I hadn’t drank enough water, since I was trying to save water and save the planet, you know I would not have pissed myself if water was not so scarce and it was a sunny day but climate change really does fuck everything up, if only we burnt less fossil fuels as a society then I wouldn’t be covered in piss right now.”

10. Separation of Self

-Victims separate themselves from anything that resembles responsibility and as such they are separate from the solution. They are as good playing the waiting game as they are at playing the blame game.

Death of the Martyr, no 72 virgins just beautiful choice

I know these signs well since I was once a victim, we all experience situations where we view ourselves as the victim, the important thing is to move past being a victim since a victim is never part of the solution. This means detaching from the outcome of a particular situation and moving towards a resolution. This can only be done with acceptance. Shit happens. Every day, shit happens. We choose if the shit tastes like chocolate or if it tastes like shit.

We can only change a situation once we are aware of its truth.

To break free we must break free from the bonuses of being a victim, these include avoiding responsibility, receiving the ahh-shame attention and validation, being right and avoiding risks. Then accepting that we create the world we live in, by virtue of the fact that we are creating the construct that we view the world through in our minds. If the picture you see is ugly, then it is only because you are viewing it through the lenses marred by the image of Winnie Mandela, naked, strip teasing your father. We have the power to change this by adding positive experiences to expand our reference point of the world. We can blame “the system” we can blame “economics” we can blame “climate change” at the end of the day, we can have a million excuses for not living the life we want and a million regrets for not being who we want to be, the end game is the same. You choose. To be or not to be. A limp dick victim or a human being (dichotomy of choice, I know, but in context, okay?). The essence of which, is will and choice. Even not choosing is a choice. I urge you, please, stop being a fucking lame. We miss you.

Peace and One Love

The Sage

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