The Nether Realm

To be or not to be?

This question has plagued us all for many an existence, tortured by the idea of living and mocked by every concept of the other side, the nether realm. When Shakespeare’s hero Hamlet opens his famous soliloquy, an ode to his anguished life, he questions whether he should kill himself. To be or not to be, that is the question. We still walk around ponderously, asking the question. Its answer burning slowly at the end of a cigarette, wallowing at the bottom of a glass of liquor. All clues of our silent inner crime, a varying decibel screaming of a death wish.

Will to die

In these caffeine fueled days we rush by, our lives watching as we fly past, waiting for us to claim what is ours, a choice. The very essence of human life. Free will. The will to do exactly as we please. We have codified our entire world to make sense of this and in the process lost the desire to make no sense and roam in the bewilderment and bliss of pure being.

Silent God

We stand, as creators on earth, holding the ability to mold and shape our reality to the imagery we find beauty in. We have even seen it fit to create God in our image, for truly a concept as Infinite and Omnipotent as God, is beyond the realms of even our imagination. Imagination which, as seemingly infinite as it is, is limited by the constructs of our brain. We worship God, but still allow our identity (see EGO) to separate us from the whole. We have remixed reality stirring in words, definitions and boxes that help us categorize and know more but to seemingly understand less. God it seems, is in The Nether Realm.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead seeking meaning in the Nether Realm

Ego Death

This body and name then, is what keeps us separate. Our pathological need for definitions, prescriptions and little boxes has kept us safe. Meanwhile behind our walls, we still remain unnervingly uncertain as to whether these walls are fortified castles or torturous prisons. Behind this paradigm of self design we attempt to hide from ourselves. The true self, the self with no end. The immortal spirit of life. It seems truth is hidden behind ourselves by ourselves. The true ego death it seems, is in The Nether Realm.

Inevitable Uncertainty

The Bushido Code, The Warrior Poet

What we do between birth and death is entirely up to us, we are only assured of the singular inevitability, death. I am reminded of the Bushido code. Yamamoto Tsunetomo said in his scrolls, In the Shadow of Leaves,
“Bushido is realised in the presence of death. In the case of having to choose between life and death you should choose death. There is no other reasoning. Move on with determination.”
The Bushido code was The Way of the Warrior, their chosen path to peace and enlightenment, facing head on, the inevitability of death. While these principals may no longer be necessary in our times, there are lessons for us, as our existence is still governed by the same mortality they sought to master. Fear should not rule us, death is inevitable and nothing will stop us from reaching the inevitable, thus every moment should be spent with pure purpose and direction, seeking a goal and then moving with no hesitation towards it. The inevitable truth it seems, is in The Nether Realm.


So, eventually we will all be Decomposing Atoms to Hades or Delivering Ether Autonomously Towards Heaven.
Heaven or Hell.
We will never know and everyone who does, won’t seem to tell us.
That’s why it is called faith.
We need not know absolutes to be better people.
Perhaps some of our ancestors were scared and created something beyond this.
In the end who says the rules are different?
On earth we create the life we want.
In the Nether Realm, it could well be the same.
I don’t have an opinon, i just want you to find yours.

The Sage

Enjoy the Track
Nether Realm

Death is just a door to more life.
We are eternal.

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