Enter the Halls of the Nephilim

Welcome to the Halls of the Nephilim

You are here because you know something is off about society, no doubt your quest for information has lead you up many blind alleys and dead ends. I write this, not to offer you anything more than you have already offered yourself, but to point your compass back to the truth, the truth is within. That is to say, there is no difference between you and an enlightened masonic member of the Illuminati or an invitee to the Bilderberg conference or your local religious leader.

The only difference is that they have embraced what exists within themselves while you are looking outside into the external world of perception. Perception is a filter of truth. We see through our experiences, we divide and create boxes to categorize our reality, by the time we allow ourselves to actually perceive something, we perceive it only as we see fit. How can we possibly know truth then? We must first seek to polish our vision. This is all I have to give you. It is my struggle too. May we enter these Halls as peasants and leave as Kings.

Tyrannical Giants who suppressed the truth?
Or Actual Giants?

A scream, turns an echo, in these halls of Nephilim,
a world designed for giants to rule,
I trace beyond my physical existence.
in silence to witness.
the Vastness
soaking in all 5 senses
eye gouged by the reality
beyond what I see
there is more to me.
there is more to me.
there is more to me.

Listening to the silence
I dive into an ocean at my feet
that opens the minute I am
quiet enough
enough to let my heart speak.
A sonic boom beyond the ears frequency range
shaking souls
breaking molds
shaping old
to new again
viewing IN
to where it all BEGINS
I return to the Halls of Nephilim
I walk a KING

One Love
Team Defi(g)nition

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