Repeatedly Offended by The Truth

We are Repeat Offenders

I am repeatedly offended, in case you have not noticed yet, we are being lied to. Even our own five senses imply a lie. Our vision is inverted then flipped by our minds, we hear only a small frequency range and we see only a small piece of the full spectrum of light, UV and Infra red, are just some of the light waves we can’t see without the help of technology. We are repeatedly offended by the truth as humans. “The earth is round!” Gasps of despair fill the middle ages and executioners axes land on the neck of anyone willing to suggest that the earth is not the center of the universe.

The Intuitive Force

We have been entrusted with thought as a tool. It seems our tools are blunted by aimlessly guiding them at what could be called thought blockades. Picture a sword slashing a rock, when we should use a hammer. A chisel used as an axe, to knock down a giant oak. A chainsaw, used to slice a sandwich four ways, until eventually this blockade leaves our true selves trapped on the other side of our existence, stuck in this realm of perpetual ineffectual thought. When in this cycle, seeing ourselves as our thoughts is a danger. While we are our thoughts and thoughts do generate habits, they do not finitely impress a self onto our experience of this world. We are whatever we want to be all of the time. We are also, always what we were meant to be, and once we are trapped in these cycles we are often blinded to our purpose. Repeatedly offended by our inability to find peace.
The truth is, that the truth is.

A state beyond thought and a state you entered this world with. Thought is a tool for this state. We could call this, the intuitive force of The Jedi. A silent knowing, a garden of no mind. A laser guided missile for all thought to be focused to each individual purpose, with the singular outcome of good for all. Once we have attained the spirit of the Jedi, we can repeatedly offend the lie with the truth.

And the truth shall set you free

Once the world is viewed by our true selves, the lie is no longer visible. We see only the truth. We seek only the truth. We are now repeatedly offended by the lie. Our existence is truth. Our state is peace. We seek not conflict, only a return to the natural order of things. Existence minus resistance, we could call this God. The less resistance we hold, the sharper our tools. Knowing that we know only a fraction of what there is to know, acknowledging that there is knowledge we don’t even know about, is humbling and allows our minds to be open. Convictions are the enemies of the truth. Convicted minds are prisoners of the times, for the times have facts that remain facts till they are proven a lie. Perhaps it is not always as clear cut, at these junctions, we apply the spirit of the Jedi to guide our minds. Intuitive force will guide us to the underground, the realm of magic that is only science we have not tried to find yet.

Make the Demons Trip

When we fail to understand something we immediately respond with fear, this is a common human reaction, a survival instinct. Fear leads to the dark side.

Sage advice from Master Yoda. Once you have mastered your self, your entire existence will be a repeat offense on the demon (see negative thoughts). It all starts with a nice dosage of well-guided-ego-bruising-evading-all-pervading thought.

Sins of Satan’s children

Now that we are here, we can expose the Sins of Satan’s pyramid, building on the children. If we look closer through all the lies, bullshit and misinformation. It is easy to see that the buck stops with us. We are responsible for our world. If you feel nice and healthy about yourself, blaming the Illuminati or some invisible force for the state of the earth, then you have missed the boat and you are as evil as those you claim have done the evil. No man is separate from all of humanity. Seeing ourselves as separate from the whole is what got us here.
And Einstein said You cannot solve a problem with the same mind state that created it.

Evolution is coming to your mind soon.

In the mean time the Bilderberg’s got millions of millions.

The Sage

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