Letter To The Regular City Slave by Epochlypse the Sage


Letter to The Regular City Slave

I write this from the surface; outside the dark, musty and depressing stank of the Industrial Slave Complex.
The year is 2022, the month is a distant memory, I have long forgot the Gregorian calender, it is the hour of the rabbit, the time just before light appears, it is dark but I know the sun is coming. I have managed to pull myself through along with the seventh dimensional seal, the portal to the seventh dimension, the plane of pure creativity. This will allow us access to the plane of pure creativity and instant manifestation for human kind.
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Be a runaway slave, follow the link to the mental landscape of the Regular City Slave.

What you know as The System or The Man and what you will come to know as god, has finally failed. The generational suppression of man in his true form, free, has crumbled and now we have the chance to rebuild again. I am sending this letter to you now in the hopes of easing the burden of what is to come. You stand on the edge of a cliff, approaching the pivotal moment in mans past and future. My hope is that you avoid the decade of slaughter, we, in this dimension endured.

There are a few things you will be faced with in the coming weeks, months and years. The first of these is the crumbling of currencies worldwide and thus the economies. Citizens will then be told, not asked, that they will have to foot the bill of this fallout. Once this is done and economies shrink on the back of austerity measures, you will then be told that privatization of your entire public sector is the unavoidable next safeguard against complete collapse. The obvious response for most of us Regular City Slaves was that our governments would protect us. This is the first lie and the key to your freedom, sold with a X on a page, we have willingly given up our rights to responsibility for ourselves as human beings, we have sold our humanity for laziness, comfort and a false sense of security. I know many of you would disagree but how much of our lives do we hold ourselves accountable for right now?

We shall be hung on the strings of our own ignorance

Your governments have already sold you out, in South Africa it is tenders and corruption, remember the arms deal? Shaik, gets a slap on the wrist and the arms dealers run away with your money, oh and don’t forget the interest. In the United States, the countless wars, that the USA infect on the world at the behest of their people. China’s suppression and censorship of their people. Austerity measures in Europe. This is not to mention the fraud and absolute lack of care found in governments across the world. Religious leaders have done the same, motivated by power, money and Christ-complexes, they have led entire flocks astray. These people you have trusted, before you learned to trust yourselves. They are shepherds leading you to doom and you are far from sheep.

This is the essence of my message. We are far from sheep, yet like sheep we wander aimlessly, lest we find a leader to show us the truth, as we know in the absence of the sun, a flower grows even towards the dimmest light. Fear, fear of ourselves is the cause of this. See the fear being spread rampantly by your leading news agent. See it in this light, as fear is what leads us to seek control, even if we are required to hand over our birth right, the power of choice.

Seventh Dimensional Seal, opening portals to abundance waiting to be rediscovered.

This is not about politics or the Illuminati or secret societies or religion, this is about you. The key to your freedom is within you.
Live free.
Do not stand down in the pursuit of your dreams.
Think, before it becomes illegal.
Do not let stress bring you down to your knees.
Believe you are supreme. All the universe exists within one single cell in your body.
Abide by the law of nature and every God ever thought, that is
Be at ease.
Be at IS.

With Infinite Love
Epochlypse The Sage

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4 thoughts on “Letter To The Regular City Slave by Epochlypse the Sage

  1. Sietie Wardah Gamiet says:

    Where’s the sweets?

    • You are the sweets, the fruits of your own labour.
      The one who’s taste you will savor
      In eternal embraces with the chamber within the chamber
      To begin to unravel your true nature
      Time is no mind
      When you have no mind
      So take your time
      The sweet is right behind
      Your desire to find
      Exactly what you will find.

  2. Sietie Wardah Gamiet says:

    What rhymes with poem?

  3. Sietie Wardah Gamiet says:

    Your poetry
    Is the definition of revelry
    And noisy
    Like a celebration
    For the hip hop nation
    Be peaceful – love always

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