What Is Déjà Vu

Ever had Déjà Vu?

Brain Food

My sincerest inkling, when poesklapped (1) in the face by déjà vu has always been that I am experiencing the timelessness of my soul. Now assuming that we don’t believe in souls then Dr. Michio Kaku’s hypothesis is a tasty notion. Exploring the possibility, that we are in fact, souls experiencing this human existence, makes for a gourmet plate of thought.
Allow me to gorge on it.
Face covered in dribbles of alphabet soup

I now defaecate in these symbols:

We are
Existing in infinite consciousness
From the beginning to the end
One singular thread
till beyond the death bed
the alpha and omega domino
you know
who you
the silence
the ignorance
those moments that
to hide no more
self knows
when the noise breaks through
we play possum
but the soul will never die
look in the mirror
see my soul through your eye
the body knows space and mind
but the soul is a stranger to this thing called time


We all came from the same smörgåsbord of galactic treats.
Billions of years of collisions and explosions a BIG FUCKING BOOM.
And now, here we are, to see ourselves as separate from that entire journey is laughable at best and at worst as depressing as an unfulfilled billionaire.
So we are here.
Now what?
I think I have been here before?
Must just be Déjà Vu?

The Sage

1. Poesklap
A nasty and very effective smack upside the head. Afrikaans Origin and derived from Poes (vagina) Klap (smack)

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