A War of Words

The Curious World of Words and Strange People Who Create Them as Stranger Than Themselves to Become Strangers to Themselves

Accuracy and Words

These two things are so tightly bound in effective communication that the nature of their relationship is that of S&M fuck buddies.
They should be so interwoven in our mental space that we see them as inseparable, for what sets us apart from animals is the ability to communicate in an advanced manner, constructed with the collective knowledge of generations of humanity since the beginning of time, I like to think it started with a smile.
This advanced manner has seemingly lost its effectiveness and we have led ourselves astray in semantics, connotations, plain stupidity and inability to say what we mean.
Inability, stemming from a lack of human intellect or balls, usually.

Lack Of Human Intellect

Human intellect takes into account all sides of perception, it is in essence neutrality and singularity, the belief that all is ONE.
No separation of self from self, you as my reflection and I as your mirror.
Allowing others to be and recognizing them for what they are in our perceptual minds
And so when we see everyone as opponents and enemies we should consider, why this constant view?

Faced with the truth, that we are at war with ourselves.

Human Intellect is the ability to break through our perceptions and see the truth. Take opinion and facts and throw them away for the truth of our existence.
I need not share what the truth is because we all know it.
We are born with it, human intellect is the ability to experience this truth.
It is understanding what it means to be a human.
It is the understanding of self.
It is world peace.

Lack of Balls

Male and Female
No discrimination for any box of us humans.
Live your own hell and live a life of consequence and not choice.


Communication is the fundamental for understanding each other, we communicate so very little through our words yet we talk so much KAK.
It is because our words are so limited that we should take care and love that we are always accurate with the words we use.
Leave no room for alternate interpretations most importantly no room for VALID assumptions.
Your word will become meaningless thus your thoughts and thus your existence.
To none but your SELF.


If silence be golden then a word from the silent must be invaluable.
Words and its power are seen in the realm of human thought.
One word may incite a man to violence.
One word may defeat a man through tears.
Consider that One Word is all it takes in any situation.

Who gives a Fuck

So who really gives a fuck and why should I?
If one has any interest in understanding this world
we must understand our selves and what we are.
For what other reference point do we have besides our thoughts?
So read and explore mother fucker because our words are slowly losing value
Texting and emails
Rapid communications
Saying fuck all when all we really want to say is one thing always.
All this noise in the information revolution has pissed me off.
Time for some silence.
Who gives a fuck?
Nobody really does. We all pretending on various levels.
I am turning everything off.

The Sage

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