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Find your inner (G)

We have been working on this project for 2 years. A constant battle to improve and the journey has been beautiful. We have discovered that in this society, the system will never be more than your day job. It is okay. This is our expression of that place beyond the illusion, when we break through to the seventh dimension.

The (G) represents our inner God, the infinite consciousness that resides within us all, The (G) is also the 7th letter of the alphabet, it represents the 7th rank, it is the 7th dimension, which is the plane of pure creativity. The Seventh Dimensional Seal, is a series of techniques, that allow us to move past our illusion we call reality and into a world of mystery and wonder. Amalgamate Chaos and move past the Sinister Turnstile, then receive the Cosmic Revelation, the seed is thus planted by Inception and the idea illustrates to us clearly the Sign’s of Man’s Demise, we realize that truly Nobody Knows and nobody can know, this leads us to Sporadic Combustion of the soul, where our (G) is released in a random motion of inward implosion first and then outwardly seen as an explosion. We come to see the system as designed, designed to nurture and create Regular City Slaves, those beings who dwell in the Nether Realm, gripped by fear of D.E.A.T.H. The Seal is released and we become insane. We are The Madness. We become Repeat Offenders against the tyranny of control and embrace our madness. The negative then repeatedly offend us and We Storm Hades, with the ancient futuristic technology, telekinesis, astral travel and the like. With the devil defeated we come to see that duality does not exist and we create it all, thus everything is bound by Relativity. It is a bonus to receive the seal and reach the ultimate stage of enlightenment, Mal Naaism. A thoughtless thought we cease to exist except to fulfill our purpose. Our purpose is to spread the madness.
Join us on this journey.

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Ego verses Soul – Duality in A Singular Point

Ego vs Soul – The Obvious Battle Manifested… As One

The world really calls on your ego self doesn’t it. With the pressures we face as humans, how do we avoid all that makes us ego mind. Maybe it’s just me, or is our programming really that fucked up that finding the Soul self is a daily battle.

This is in line I guess with the Law of Duality, but the Soul self, from what I feel, transcends what we experience in terms of this or that, right or left, up or down. The fact that someone can say…EGO = ME, SOUL = WE, means that in this comparison we see below, Soul would form part of this construct since it has a yang to compare it to.

Ego verses Soul. Ego, a low vibrational state of mind, compared to Soul, a high vibrational state of spirit. ME vs WE, Seperation vs Unity, Blame vs Understanding, Materialism vs Spiritualism etc.

Ego verses Soul. Ego, a low vibrational state of mind, compared to Soul, a high vibrational state of spirit.

So is Soul the incorrect word, or is it an unfair comparison? It does’t seem like it, but if the soul self transcends this realm, how can it be defined like this? This does however, reflects the spectrum of our existence. From High (Soul Self) to Low (Ego Self). All these symbols (or words) we see defining the ego and the soul have been felt by us, collectively and individually on different levels. So we have reached the soul, and higher states of existence, and we have lived in ego states of mind.

Enter the Singular Point – Duality As One

So we have ALLL this information, and take it on the journey of life with us. From here to there, to everywhere we go. Everything we experience, once experienced, forms into a compressed experience, time is compressed in this experience of memory as well. And it is what it was. everything we then come across is viewed (and judged conditionally) with this compressed experience.

Perhaps that’s how you actually find the Soul, Oneness, and Unconditional Love. By collecting all this information and then one moment seeing how its all able to be placed in a compressed pee in your mind. This pee holds the darkest times and experiences, and judgements, and everything you the ego self allows to be real, and all the Soul self experience of acceptance and abundance. Whatever’s outside the pee is (from this perspective) the potential pee. it’s like an error variable of infinite proportions. You know there’s more, but don’t know what it is, so you put it in a box with no sides, just to make sense of what you do know.

KNOW THYSELF, use an error variable if necessary.

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Show No Resistance

Amalgamate Chaos

Boxes and Definitions

Please make sure, all your boxes are checked and in line with the norm

We live in a time where everything is spoon fed. Knowledge is compiled, collated and institutionalized, religion is dogmatic and prescribed and there is a general certainty as to how one should live a “good” and “successful” life. Close on everyone has the same life path mapped out from the day they were born, the details may be different but the outcomes and the amounts of focus are the same. We are born. Go to school. Get a tertiary education. Work, pay taxes and die.
Solitary Confinement

He seeks to know 5, but he is trapped inside.

Somewhere along the line we are told to shut up and comply and somewhere along the line we give in. We stop resisting and deep inside something crawls into the recesses of our minds, a bitter inmate of a self created prison. There it remains whispering in it’s corner like a deranged patient in an insane asylum. We sedate it with the drugs of our choice, our habitual pleasures. Television, bad food, shopping, pharmaceuticals, alcohol and sex. The list goes on and even the most mundane activities can yield some sort of sedating effect on our patient. Yet the mad man does not know he is mad and so his incessant whispers play on, like that tinny background music in the elevator. The one that takes us down to the bottomless depths of hell.

What is this whisper?

Where to Go?

Travel Light on this unknown path

Some days we feel it more than others, the overwhelming feeling that there must be more. The whisper echoes in the silence on those days. It is clearer and we recognize it somewhat. It is ourselves longing for ourselves. It is not hidden, we are just afraid of where we will find it. There, in that place, where there is no certainty, the imaginary line we draw, to the realm of the insane. And so as fear prevails we dismiss it and let the whisper continue, unabated. We know deep down, we could never stop it, unless we gave in. Gave in to it’s cries for freedom, it’s life beyond all of our checklists, boxes and definitions. This whisper is the first evidence of our resistance. Our resistance to who we truly are. It is the whisper that says, start something new, it urges you to sing when your favorite song comes on the radio, laugh that annoying boisterous laugh for the most inane joke and wonder at the possible wonder of adding some wasabi to your ice cream. It is pleading for you to return. To bear witness to your true form and purpose. To rebuke what you know so that your once filled cup may flow with the new. It pleads you to Amalgamate Chaos, burn the idea of what you know so that you may discover and rediscover the truth, as you rise out of the ashes of the old, a metamorphosis.

So to you,
the one who is fearful,
know that in your fear,
you have solace,
for a time
you are safe,
for a time
you are certain,
for a time
you are wrapped up
in cotton pads
wrapped up
in all you may believe you desire
wrapped in earthly trappings
for a day that will never come
for a silence you will never know
and beyond your waiting stands your love
the truth
your purpose
it stands silent
for you to show no resistance.
so to you
you who fear
that which you do not know
to you i say
be brave.

One Love
The Sage




Many times we struggle with forgiveness and walk around with the poison chalice of bitterness within our very flesh, it poisons from within. Yet, at the same time we hold the cure. Whether it is forgiveness we seek or forgiveness that is sought from us, withholding it from ourselves or its seeker can be detrimental to our own emotional and spiritual well being. The longer we resist this and withhold someone from accessing their birth right of free living with no emotional bondage, the further we shall allow this poison to plunge our hearts into darkness. It was during my own journey to the light when I was in need of forgiveness when I realised that it was not mine to give from the start and that all I had to do was embrace what was already available to me. Open myself up to receiving what I had already been given by virtue of my existence and the basic laws that rule my time on earth. In the darkness, The Supreme Self spoke to me.

It is not given, it exists
we resist and thus
the largest myth
whose shroud we seek to lift
seeking forgiveness
in the desert as its sands shift
seeking the will o’ the whisp
off the path
in the hidden marsh
Yet like oft is its task
the pain we walk with
is made to melt the mask
So we beseech you learn the art
Turn poisonous hesitance
To heart relief medicines
for eternal spirit youth
You are not searching
but for that which has already found you.
It will never be given
that which can’t be received
neither hidden
nor deceived
but by self
where the sea meets the mighty mountain
between what was and what will be
we find the fountain.

May you all find forgiveness where it has already met you and may you meet it with an open hand to drink from its fountain.

The Sage


Open Hands, Receive Your Blessings

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Police Brutality, Just a Symptom

The Wolf and The Lamb

Fascist states have always used the rule of law to institutionalize their corruption. Using the legislature as a vehicle to legitimize essentially immoral behaviour and further suppress the voice of the people. As a word of warning in South Africa, we were presented with the Protection of State Information Bill commonly referred to as the Secrecy Bill. You see, a frog never jumps out of the pot if you slowly turn up the heat, until; eventually it is cooking in it’s own bubbling carcass. Recently we were given another warning of the slow heat being turned up on the people. It came in the form of a body count numbered 34 with many more injured, after police attempts to break up an illegal strike at Marikana mine ended with exchanges of live ammunition. Regardless of the circumstances, in peacetime South Africa, a resolution of an illegal strike should never cough out 34 human corpses, especially not at the hands of a police service created to protect them, even from themselves. Yes, responsibility is shared and the blame game has been played over and over in the weeks that have followed in an attempt by all parties involved to do damage control. Yet, when we waft through all the smoke screens there is an immutable fact.                         
34 dead human beings, fathers, brothers, sons, husbands and wives left to pick up the pieces, how did this happen? Should we be surprised?

The Writing Was on the Wall

Since 1994, the disenfranchised poor have been promised every unicorn and four leaf clover in sight. Riding a wave of euphoria we waited with a steadfast and optimistic resolve. Five years later, optimism began to shatter with smoke surrounding an arms deal that was clouded in scandal from the very beginning. Several scandals subsequently broke out in the years following and corruption is widely perceived to have taken root in all forms of government simultaneously causing a slowly escalating scream for social justice whilst eroding the optimism that surrounded the “Rainbow Nation”. This is further enhanced by the clear inequalities that exist in the country and while South Africa generates a GDP of R67,000 per capita it is estimated that the average person in South Africa lives off R25 a day. It is clear that whilst South Africa has vast mineral resources the wealth distribution of said mineral resources is severely limited to an ever shrinking elite. Lonmin, the company operating Marikana mine, made a profit of around 321 million US $ in 2011.  Surely the workers request which is on par with international standards was reasonable in the context of these massive profits. Compare the meagre US$ 500 earned by miners at Marikana to that of the average Australian miner who earns US$ 3,841 or the average miner in Taiwan who earns US$ 915. Now such comparisons are perhaps unfair given it does not consider cost of living or other external factors but it does illustrate that there is definitely a cause for these miners to be upset. Regardless, their violent actions are condemnable yet must be put in the context of the bigger picture.

Global Wealth Distribution

They drink the champagne and then complain about us who complain

The Big Picture
Wage Slavery and Corporatocracy

This is happening in every industry in every country all around the world. People are being exploited and paid a sort of moral chance card by the elite. Go past begin and collect R200. All the while, the rest sit in jail rolling the dice, trying to get out and surviving month to month on salaries that barely cover debts. It is common knowledge that the wealth distribution of the world is entirely imbalanced. The richest 20 percent of the world own 82,7 percent of the worlds wealth. What is not common knowledge is that this has been happening in a way that is neither legal nor moral nor ethical. The irony of course is that those people that now control the world’s wealth are the ones who placed the strict laws of commerce and ownership after they had hoarded the bulk of wealth just so that they can keep their party all to themselves. Now I understand that this could easily sound like paranoia, but the truth remains that their is no justice in such inequality. We have traded slavery for its disguised and more effective younger brother, incognito, the chains are the debts we collectively incur on the road to white picket fences and keeping up with the Jones’. The master is the rampant nature of our consumption and its master is the debt collector, feasting on the misfortune of an economy designed to fail, an economy created within the confines of scarcity. It is hard to believe in scarcity when food gets incinerated to limit supply and keep prices high, we put unmanned craft on mars and have witnessed space tourism become a reality.

We’re on Mars Bitchaazz

Hard to believe then, that there is not enough for all of us to at least be healthy and educated. This new form of slavery is run by the corporations, the drivers of mass profits at all cost, eaters of competition and destroyers of free enterprise. It is becoming harder for the man on the street to compete with these giants who produce on a mass scale and thereby cut costs and eventually buy out all competition, the recent acquisition of Massmart by Wallmart is a prime example of this in South Africa, where one large local and regional business was bought up by a global giant, many promises have been made but inevitably once the structures of Massmart integrates with Wallmart we will see large down-scaling on local operations and the eventual inequitable flow of resources will only further feed the giant. It is obvious when mapping out this pattern across the globe that we will eventually see few private enterprises as entrepreneurship slowly bleeds to death from the slow knife of globalization and monopolistic cannibalism. There are fewer banks than there were 50 years ago and the same can be said for many industries. The evidence is all around us. Right down to the food we eat (read Monsanto).

Maintaining the Status Quo

This is where the police come in. These laws that govern commerce and the environment we live in exonerate the people behind this inequality. They hide behind the juristic entity, the corporate veil. Allowing them to behave in inhumane ways, committing legal acts, with no human considerations, no moral or ethical concern, polluting the environment, exploiting workers and in the case of Lonmin, demanding miners to return to work or face unemployment just days after colleagues were gunned down. The sheer arrogance and lack of compassion extremely evident, the kind of expectation one would have of a machine. The police’s function in the state is to uphold this status quo. They function as the overseer in the plantation, the purveyors of crucifixes of old who used the crucifixion as a warning to those who may wonder, is this inequality really fair? The police exist only as a construct of a society that promotes inequality. It is indisputable that, if every man had what they needed and opportunities to achieve their dreams, the world would be a far more peaceful place. The policing function in society only exists as a result of the inequity of the economic system. Existing to protect those who have, from those who do not. This is the true function of the police, specifically in countries with huge inequalities like South Africa. And while crime flourishes increasing spending on policing only serves to further the spread of the epidemic, it is resources that could be better allocated fighting the disease rather than the symptoms.

Fear Mongering

Media Lies

Media Lies, We will create our own media

The relative wealth of the middle class is under threat, a shrinking economy, increasing oil prices, corporate down scaling and criminal elements of the poor all serve to spur us on in the pursuit of security, security that is as real as, say, the tooth-fairy. This fear drives the need for protection and further alienates the middle class from being part of the solution. This fear is perpetuated by a media that feeds on our addiction and need for a problematic environment. We are doing well because others are not. This mentality is the root of all the evil, we step on each other to get to the top in a vicious competitive environment where everything we desire is scarce. Instead of working together we have been pitted against each other. Relegating the poor, as lazy and ungrateful, unwilling to take their limited opportunities, unwilling to sacrifice, unwilling to do it for themselves. With every step we make up the corporate ladder we are selling our humanity, if we fail to give back. The more you earn and spend in the pursuit of what you don’t need, the more you take something away from the man that is truly starved of opportunity. We demote their place in society to the dark corridor, where morality and survival is in conflict. All for our luxury that becomes necessity on the back of a Cosmopolitan cover or an Oprah must-have. The dark place, where a man could easily perceive that he must steal to survive. He has no voice and as this collective silent scream for acknowledgement grows into a crashing wave of dissent, we are quick to label these people as savage and barbarians, but what would you do in pursuit of self preservation? Our morality only serves us when all things remain equal, when our comfort is met and we are safe in the knowledge that no harm will come to us. This fear keeps us from being part of the solution, this scarcity mentality that drives us to believe that if we give back, we will have nothing for ourselves. We are part of the problem and fear is the gremlin, chewing our humanity, piece by piece, luxury by luxury the type that mutates into necessity, just like the meth addict on the Cape Flats who truly believes he needs his hit to breathe another day. The truth is by giving back in a considered and constructive we will create more and that means more for everyone.

Truth and Reconciliation

As a planet we are in dire need of some truth serum, a confession booth, a space for every one to look within honestly and realize where they are contributing to the problems. Then take baby steps to make a difference. This could be cutting down on unnecessary spending, getting involved with your local civil rights activist movements and NGOs, mentoring kids from underprivileged communities and spreading awareness of the inequality of our world and the lie that it has to be this way. It does not. Abundance does exist. Large actions by a few is always great news but ultimately small mass action is what will shift the tides and see us move towards a more equitable society. We are all responsible. The measure of a society is how it treats it’s weakest members. If we continue to marginalize the weak by rationalizing injustice and inequality we shall see the world burn and Marikana will just be the beginning. A warning shot fired. By us, to us. One that we would have ignored at great cost to the next generation, who will suffer the sins of their fathers. After all, when silence and inaction follows such violence and avoidable death, it is blood on all of our hands when it happens again.

Peace and unity
The Sage

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Pain by Epochlypse the Sage

Pain and Love

I feel every word has been written
and that pains me
every word has been said
and that pains me
my vocal chords are now just a means to an end
and that pains me
my soul is screaming to speak to yours
and that pains me
yearning for more beyond this limited spore
trapped inside the core
I Love You All
But you could never know.
My words are no more.
My name is no more.
I’m already dead.
Tomorrow I shall resurrect.
And live the pain again.
Rejoice in it.
It lets me know love
and that heals me.
Every words has been written
and that heals me
Every word has been said
and that heals me
my vocal chords are now truthful
and that heals me
my soul is singing and it heals me
knowing there is more
and it is within me
I Love You All
Today the tears will fall,
the smiles will light and turn all
my tears to rain

The Sage in the Rain

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Ego Death

The Hidden Enemy

The Warrior in the Shadow of the Leaves in,

Ego Death

Roaming Ronin

The leaves whistled and tree tops bristled at the mysterious silhouette floating through its branches, brushing them for no longer than a few sacred moments, fading in and out of time and this dimension. It was as if these trees were haunted by their very shadows. A flickering illusion, sounded out, only by the pale moonlight, even then, seeming otherworldly, an elusive visitor from another place.  What was this foreign being and why was it here? It’s clandestine approach belying its intention. Was it friend or foe? With darkness as its ally one could only assume the worst; it hugged the night like the faceless creatures of our nightmares. Now aware of its presence, its movements became more apparent, I had become smarter and more adept at tracking this whisper between the branches, it moved like a rumour, and as each out reached branch whispered its unknown story to the next, the intrigue increased, so too did the irregularity of its existence. I started to question what I was seeing, could this be real? Am I painting mystery where there is none? It could only be a mystery if I conceded to never discovering the truth, a question with no answer. No, this was either my imagination, the workings of my psyche or I was indeed witnessing this silent assailant traversing the landscapes of my mind as a haunting shadow lingering only in the periphery of what I could perceive. I honed my skills. Set up my vantage points and at each intersection I could possibly remember seeing it, I placed my observers. They were all programmed to detect any sign of this intruder.

The Perpetual Wanderer

You know, the power of the unknown is in the fact that it is unknown, the imagination is a powerful ally and an effective foe, what we do not know can cripple us. It sends our minds into frenzy, a blank canvas to project our paranoia upon. My paranoia was at fever pitch, at every turn questioning my sanity, was this phantom real, haunting me then mocking me, every time I thought I caught a glimpse of it, I was only met with the sight of vacant spaces filled with mist and smoke.

Then steadily I became immersed in the smoke, the scent of burning embers, always smouldering somewhere in the distance. I was covered in this haze of war, myself now a forsaken wanderer, an accidental spy, in this forest of lies and deception. All I was seeking was the truth to this illusion. I was certain I was being stalked now, by this phantasm, this spectre, this maleficent spirit of my delusional mind. It seemed to mirror me, as I got smarter it did. It moved as a shadow in my shadow. When I walked in the light it moved in the shadows of everything around me and as I walked in the darkness, it enveloped me. My feet weary of trekking this forsaken land in search of a ghost; I had accepted the mystery as a mystery now and sought to find my peace. This world became my world and as my madness drove me to the edge of a cliff. I scream. “Show me your face. Why are you here? What do you want from me?” I bawled into the great void. A silent moment, the void and I shared seemed to last somewhere near an eternity. And then.


The Backstabber

I was met with a sharp pain right behind my heart and the sound of my flesh being pierced open, warmth scurried down my back before I felt my legs give in as I dropped to my knees, I realised it was blood rushing down my back, and as the cold metal drew out from my back it was now gushing like the stream that turns into a river in winter. I drop again crawling to drag myself over the edge of the cliff, where gravity would embrace me and draw me to my end. My blood drenched body, surrounded by a carousel of mirrors all holding the reflection of the wanderer that I had become. Meeting my death with a smile, no longer seeking to unravel the mystery that had consumed me for all my waking days, I turn to face my cowardly assailant, the deepest depths of me hoping for the face of a stranger. I see the strangest thing.

I look upon my own face, blackened by shadow, paled by lack of light. The colour of coals and ash mixed on this dark consumed version of me. I was chasing nothing but myself and at the moment I embraced what I could never know, it was revealed to me. I scream and this scream echoes through my entire life, it transcends time and it is heard by me in the past and the future now lost. My ego had defeated me. And as I turn again in agony, dragging my life’s procession over the edge of the cliff, slowly swallowed by gravity, awaiting the thud of the ground, quietly lusting that tiniest moment before my death, where pain would free me, the darkened version of me starts laughing in ecstasy. Joy. The type that could not be confused, it is not evil. It is pain leaving his form. It is pure benevolence. He is liberated. My ego is dead. I have departed.

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10 Signs of a Victim Mentality.

10 Signs of a Victim Mentality

This one is rather simple. To be free, ascending our own limitations is a necessary step on the path to enlightenment and ultimate knowledge of self. The journey cannot bear fruits unless we transcend our current state, for many this means moving past our state of victim-hood. A victim is someone who believes, sincerely, that they are at the bottom end of some personal conspiracy. That the forces of the universe conspires against all their endeavors, ironically, it is this belief that results in the endless gathering of evidence, by the victim, to prove this. Thus, it is often difficult for the victim to see the truth through this clouded paradigm of self deceit and defeat. 

Here are 10 Signs of a Victim Mentality.

May they provide clarity to those under the cloud of the truths worst enemy, self.

1.)  Failure to accept responsibility

– This person will do anything to absolve him/herself from personal responsibility for any aspect of their lives. This results in the following symptom.

2.) The Serial Blamer

– This person absolves themselves from responsibility by apportioning blame to any other party, other than themselves. They usually develop the following skill.

3.) Rationalization

-The victim is adept at drawing creatively from circumstance to apportion blame to external factors. They use all their creative energies to construct a perfect prison for themselves. This construct results in the next symptom.

4.) Feeling Helpless

-If you say something often enough you will start to believe it, victims start believing this fairytale construct that their minds have designed to keep them safe from their own accountability, this results in extreme feelings of helplessness and isolation. This then results in our next symptom.

5. Self Pity

-Victims often feel sorry for themselves, this is a vicious cycle where the serial blamer and rationalizer then begin to feed more self pity by continuing the cycle creating more antagonistic forces that strip choice away. They often resort to:

6. Living in the Past

-A failure to accept responsibility means a failure to accept things as they are in the present. This person will then, either seek solemn in the past, where things were “more simple” or again, resort to blaming the past for the current state of their environment. They tend to:

7. Focus on the Problems

– They occupy themselves with problems and are often the people who complain at any opportunity they get. Victims love attention and validation and will relish any chance to complain about their problems. During this bitch fit they will often say,

8. If only/What if

-This is a sure sign of a victim mentality, they do not accept things and support regrets like a crucifix. They then continue the cycle by,

9. Condemning Themselves

–  Woe is me, I am useless, there are too many forces against me, if only things were easier, just like in the good old days. A summation of a victims thought pattern, cleverly disguised by the rationalizer and the blamer. It will often sound more like this.

“I tried my best, but my best just wasn’t good enough, the wind was blowing in the opposite direction and my piss stream was to weak because I hadn’t drank enough water, since I was trying to save water and save the planet, you know I would not have pissed myself if water was not so scarce and it was a sunny day but climate change really does fuck everything up, if only we burnt less fossil fuels as a society then I wouldn’t be covered in piss right now.”

10. Separation of Self

-Victims separate themselves from anything that resembles responsibility and as such they are separate from the solution. They are as good playing the waiting game as they are at playing the blame game.

Death of the Martyr, no 72 virgins just beautiful choice

I know these signs well since I was once a victim, we all experience situations where we view ourselves as the victim, the important thing is to move past being a victim since a victim is never part of the solution. This means detaching from the outcome of a particular situation and moving towards a resolution. This can only be done with acceptance. Shit happens. Every day, shit happens. We choose if the shit tastes like chocolate or if it tastes like shit.

We can only change a situation once we are aware of its truth.

To break free we must break free from the bonuses of being a victim, these include avoiding responsibility, receiving the ahh-shame attention and validation, being right and avoiding risks. Then accepting that we create the world we live in, by virtue of the fact that we are creating the construct that we view the world through in our minds. If the picture you see is ugly, then it is only because you are viewing it through the lenses marred by the image of Winnie Mandela, naked, strip teasing your father. We have the power to change this by adding positive experiences to expand our reference point of the world. We can blame “the system” we can blame “economics” we can blame “climate change” at the end of the day, we can have a million excuses for not living the life we want and a million regrets for not being who we want to be, the end game is the same. You choose. To be or not to be. A limp dick victim or a human being (dichotomy of choice, I know, but in context, okay?). The essence of which, is will and choice. Even not choosing is a choice. I urge you, please, stop being a fucking lame. We miss you.

Peace and One Love

The Sage

[Download Defi(G)nition’s debut album – Seventh Dimensional Seal]

The Madness Music Video


Mental Evolution

No Airplay for the Revolution

Thomas Sangkara, liberator and revolutionary of Burkina Faso

Ahem, the revolution will not be televised
I repeat, the revolution will not be televised.
For centuries, humanity has swapped despots for the hallowed revolutionary, just in the 20th century, the world was truly changed by the likes of Atatürk, Thomas Sankara, Qaddafi and even Nelson Mandela. What these men have in common is that they were once enemies of their respective states and then rose to power by liberating their people from the shackles of oppressive regimes. Their methods varied, but the word that echoed was revolution. The powers that be, tried all they could to suppress knowledge of the sweeping epidemic that was the movements of liberation. The Oppressor used covert means, infiltration, executions, massacres and sabotage. All of this to no avail as the people had tolerated enough under the boots of their leaders.

“Time is a mind trip so be mindful of it ‘cos your minds full of it.”
– Influ(h)ence Ill

Qadaffi, in his more useful days

You Either Die a Hero or Live Long Enough To See Yourself Become the Villain

Indeed time is a funny thing, one step along the time-line inching along with the passing days and seasons change and rearrange the earth we once knew. Tides sweep in and mountains give way, these once mountainous men have had varied success in achieving their ideals, Qaddafi is a perfect case study. Once revered as a hero of the people and for the people, he met his death on the streets of his home town at the hands of a blood thirsty mob, ironically spurred on, as the media would have us believe, by the peaceful ideals of democracy. You see, Qaddafi, had way too much of a good thing and finally, a tumultuous relationship with the global super powers and international authorities had reached its gut wrenching conclusion. He was a liability and had to be removed. This despite achieving a revolution, removing a colonial power and using oil resources to fund free education for his people, just one of his many successes. My point is not to argue the merits of the Qaddafi regime or the decision by NATO to proceed with bombing and the implementation of a no fly zone, but rather to illustrate how a revolutionary can over time become a villain. Qaddafi is perhaps evidence, from a certain viewpoint, that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

“Revolutions, never losing, in the struggle of life.”
– Sam I Am the Maximan

What about our craniums? Filled with the Toxic Past.

Revolutions have almost always eventually gone rotten as the leadership transitions from one generation to the next, the dirty seed of power corrupting from within, then comes the inevitable power grab and the slow decay from the bastion of hope, rising from the charred earth like fynbos, to the virulent Port Jackson, whose sole purpose is, to spread its filth. Change then, for the sake of change, is far from what we need. In South Africa, we had averted a civil war to attain our democracy. The so-called bloodless revolution, RIP Hector Peterson, Ashley Kriel, Steve Biko and all the forgotten dead, ushered in democracy yet nothing has really changed in terms of economic power, the same wealthy elite, now sprinkled with the obedient porch monkey, still rule and neo-colonial economics are still the order of the day. While we bicker in parliament, the men in suits play with money on a computer and decide, literally, who gets to eat and who must live in the lower part of human existence, that dark hallway where morality is in direct conflict with survival.

“Wake the fuck up, because you not a fuck up.”
– The Sage

Change, I. Synonyms.

Evolving DNA

If we break it all down, it would seem that we are doomed to repeat this cycle, indeed, revolution means rotation. Rotation, in turn implies a cyclical movement. Aluta Continua. The struggle continues, as long as we believe it will. Again, in our words we find our blockages.
Word. Sound. Power.
Indeed, life is a cycle, the cycle of life is continual creation. Life begetting life. My friends, we have mistaken ourselves into believing that life is something other than this beautiful abundance that lives off itself. A perversion of the truth. A perversion that has taught us to seek struggle. To seek trials. Attracting problems to first, ourselves, thus as a result, our communities and in turn the entire planet. We stand on the edge of a crisis. Ironically, the revolution is proof that good will prevail. The cycle is not completed and we will come full circle once again, like everything in the universe, to balance and wholeness. Martin Luther King Jnr. said, “When our days become dreary with low-hovering clouds of despair, and when our nights become darker than a thousand midnights, let us remember that there is a creative force in this universe, working to pull down the gigantic mountains of evil, a power that is able to make a way out of no way and transform dark yesterdays into bright tomorrows. Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice.” The change and the self are locked together. The next stage of our cycle is our evolution. The evolution of our being. We became conscious of our individuality and communicated it, now we will become conscious of our oneness and communicate it. This means everyone will return to balance, all that means in a practical sense is for you, the reader, to return to yourself.

“At least, I have one up on the beast, sounds and words are fun. You can’t take all my stuff from me, kak funny. Curse these days do not become a serpent slave, you followers who become hollow ones, those who are first to graze on dirty blades.”
– Allink impassing

You are who you want to be all of the time, when you required to be inspired just draw on your mind.

The Return

Again, I offer no solutions, there are many paths back to ourselves and you know which one is yours to walk. You will face resistance and it will all be your own. It will come disguised as people. Just remember it is your own. The alternative is turning your back on the truth and continuing living in struggle. It is certainly a rabbit hole of a journey and you may meet a few Alices on the road to your center. Just remember, you are who you want to be all of the time. You are not the construct of some obscure randomness, you are what you choose to be, despite all of that.

“Either way dead is what you bound to be, so it’s pointless saying your apostle’s creed, embracing greed, your riches you won’t need, ‘cos when the spirit leaves the vessel the body will be covered by dirt like seeds.”
– Son of the 021

End Game

We shall evolve, beyond this current quagmire. We believe it. We are already there. We are aligned with all.
The ego is as dead as the body.
We burn its corpse, so it may give life to more life.

Peace and Humility
The Sage

A-Om, The Cypher Divine, 360 degrees, we return

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The Nether Realm

To be or not to be?

This question has plagued us all for many an existence, tortured by the idea of living and mocked by every concept of the other side, the nether realm. When Shakespeare’s hero Hamlet opens his famous soliloquy, an ode to his anguished life, he questions whether he should kill himself. To be or not to be, that is the question. We still walk around ponderously, asking the question. Its answer burning slowly at the end of a cigarette, wallowing at the bottom of a glass of liquor. All clues of our silent inner crime, a varying decibel screaming of a death wish.

Will to die

In these caffeine fueled days we rush by, our lives watching as we fly past, waiting for us to claim what is ours, a choice. The very essence of human life. Free will. The will to do exactly as we please. We have codified our entire world to make sense of this and in the process lost the desire to make no sense and roam in the bewilderment and bliss of pure being.

Silent God

We stand, as creators on earth, holding the ability to mold and shape our reality to the imagery we find beauty in. We have even seen it fit to create God in our image, for truly a concept as Infinite and Omnipotent as God, is beyond the realms of even our imagination. Imagination which, as seemingly infinite as it is, is limited by the constructs of our brain. We worship God, but still allow our identity (see EGO) to separate us from the whole. We have remixed reality stirring in words, definitions and boxes that help us categorize and know more but to seemingly understand less. God it seems, is in The Nether Realm.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead seeking meaning in the Nether Realm

Ego Death

This body and name then, is what keeps us separate. Our pathological need for definitions, prescriptions and little boxes has kept us safe. Meanwhile behind our walls, we still remain unnervingly uncertain as to whether these walls are fortified castles or torturous prisons. Behind this paradigm of self design we attempt to hide from ourselves. The true self, the self with no end. The immortal spirit of life. It seems truth is hidden behind ourselves by ourselves. The true ego death it seems, is in The Nether Realm.

Inevitable Uncertainty

The Bushido Code, The Warrior Poet

What we do between birth and death is entirely up to us, we are only assured of the singular inevitability, death. I am reminded of the Bushido code. Yamamoto Tsunetomo said in his scrolls, In the Shadow of Leaves,
“Bushido is realised in the presence of death. In the case of having to choose between life and death you should choose death. There is no other reasoning. Move on with determination.”
The Bushido code was The Way of the Warrior, their chosen path to peace and enlightenment, facing head on, the inevitability of death. While these principals may no longer be necessary in our times, there are lessons for us, as our existence is still governed by the same mortality they sought to master. Fear should not rule us, death is inevitable and nothing will stop us from reaching the inevitable, thus every moment should be spent with pure purpose and direction, seeking a goal and then moving with no hesitation towards it. The inevitable truth it seems, is in The Nether Realm.


So, eventually we will all be Decomposing Atoms to Hades or Delivering Ether Autonomously Towards Heaven.
Heaven or Hell.
We will never know and everyone who does, won’t seem to tell us.
That’s why it is called faith.
We need not know absolutes to be better people.
Perhaps some of our ancestors were scared and created something beyond this.
In the end who says the rules are different?
On earth we create the life we want.
In the Nether Realm, it could well be the same.
I don’t have an opinon, i just want you to find yours.

The Sage

Enjoy the Track
Nether Realm

Death is just a door to more life.
We are eternal.

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